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Fun Times at the Valley Forge Bridal Expo

Our Bspoke team and our Bubble-n-Brew cart recently made an appearance at

the bridal expo held at the Valley Forge Convention Center. The cart represents

the best in portable bars created for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays,

graduations, Bar/Bat Mitzvas, Quinquennia’s or any special event! In fact our

cart be made to pour almost any beverage of your choice, be it Prosecco,

beers, wine, cocktails/mocktails, kombucha, sodas or flavored lemonades.

With over 200 amazingly talented exhibitors spread out over acres of

convention space, specializing in everything from stunning gowns and sparkling

accessories, astounding flower arrangements, mouth-watering food samples,

the bridal expo represents the ultimate destination for shopping, inspiration,

and wedding planning. There were seminars giving out advice on how to make

your wedding budget stretch, to how to plan your big day; designer dresses,

finishing touches, and a grooms room to ensure that everyone is catered for.

The Bubble-n-Brew cart fit in perfectly among the other wedding exhibitors and

we noticed that we were the only portable bar hire for weddings of its kind.

There are other mobile and portable bars on available for hire (we know our

competitors!), so we can say that none are like the Bubble-n-Brew cart. Our

smaller size allows for a more intimate and immersive experience: stepping up

to the cart and conversing face to face with one of our trained attendants,

The Bubble-n-Brew cart wouldn’t be complete without the little extras, so

everything from the umbrella color and faux foliage to the custom LED lighting,

themed balloons and flowers can all be included in your package. There doesn’t

seem to be a limit as to where the cart can be used, although we found that it is

best utilized during the wedding reception phase, or just after the ceremony

when photos are being taken and the guests have a bit of time to themselves. It

is a fun and casual experience to approach Bubble-n-Brew to order a drink. It

can become a great talking point as your guests drink away and happily share

their family stories.

To cover the important particulars: the bar is available with your choice of 1, 2

or 3 taps–along with an assortment of garnishes. Simply step up the cart and

request your drink from the attendant. There is even an interactive element to

our service: if you want to get involved in the drink-making experience, then by

all means, step on up, pull the handle, and have a go!

Our trained attendants will be able to answer a whole range of questions about

any of the beverages we’re serving or about the cart. We’ll provide everything

that is needed to keep the cart up and running including ice, garnishes,

drinkware and most importantly – the drinks!

Drinks, served from mobile bars are hugely popular again and with Bspoke

Beverage Concepts, your choices have never been so good.

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