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Hello, My name is Rony

I'm the founder, owner and Director of Deliciousness of Bspoke Beverage Concepts. I welcome you to our site. Our service was created to deliver a unique experience, indoors or outdoors, at  wedding ceremonies, receptions, showers, rehearsal dinners and corporate events. 

My Story

Rony, the founder of Bspoke Beverage Concepts, has been involved in catering  from very young age. He started in food service by washing pots,  mopping floors, filling trays and running errands at his family owned deli and catering business that that started on Long Island in 1965. While his classmates were attending summer camp, Rony spent his summers  mastering the art of peeling scalding hot potatoes, peeling mountains of  onions and learning the fine art of serving customers. At an early age Rony took advantage of every opportunity to fuel his interest in the world of cooking and catering.

Their deli catered to some well-know Broadway and TV glitterati. We can't mention their names here so you'll have to ask him while booking your event. Their  store was also well known to the LBGTQ community on the East-end of Long Island. This was a time well before there was an "LGBTQ".

Fast forward a few decades, A change in location, a Masters Degree in business, a wife and two active boys, finds him putting down roots in the Delaware Valley.  All the while he secretly longed for an opportunity to return to catering. 

But how to do that was a challenge.  After doing some research and speaking with some very savvy business owners at SCORE, he decided to take the plunge and start a new venture. It took him the better part of a year, and a few name changes, to establish the new business BSpoke Beverage Concepts.

Looking to the future, Rony plans to bring the BSpoke experience to the entire Delaware Valley, DC/Northern Virginia and Long Island!



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