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Beer Bar


Our rustic Beer Bar is guaranteed to impress your guests. This handsome
draft structure can be configured as either self-serve or bartender-served.
The Beer Bar comes with two, three or four taps. So whether you’re craving
a perfectly chilled craft beer, wine, cocktail, mocktail, flavored seltzers or
locally sourced kombucha or soda, the Beer Bar will be an eye-catching

part of your reception.


Dedicated Attendant

Our attendants are your own personal bartender for the night. They are professionally trained and know your drinks, so you can relax and enjoy your night without having to worry about a thing.


We provide you with all the mixers you need for your cocktails so you do not have to worry about getting them.

All you Party Needs

All your party needs is this disposable party kit. This includes disposable clear plastic cups, napkins, paper straws, and ice. Anything and everything you would need from us you will have! 


Our service provides you and your guests with a night full of fun and tons of memories. So lets get started today!

Interested in seeing our delicous menu?

Ready to get started?

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