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Five Reasons You NEED a Beer Bar At Your Party

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Some couples set their sights on a black-tie, uber-formal wedding reception, while others are considering a more casual theme and saying —hello to rustic beer bars! This not a new craze, but one that’s getting renewed interest by couples planning their event in a COVID world. Beer Bars are fun, and a refreshing option for beer-loving brides and grooms. Not yet convinced that this is right for your event?

Here are 5 reasons you NEED a Beer Bar at your party:

1) It creates a pour-your-own experience for your guests.

The Beer Bar can be completely self-serve so guests will be able to pour themselves any of the beers, wines, cocktails/mocktails, kombucha or non-alcoholic beverage that you selected for them.

2) The Beer Bar is a unique attraction.

There isn't another experience like this within miles! Check it out and see for yourself what all your guests will be talking about. And, while we encourage everyone to have a good time, our staff will be watching closely to make sure everyone is drinking responsibly.

3) No More Waiting in lines to be served.

Waiting for a server is so unnecessary. Your guests will love the sense of satisfaction that comes from the self-serve nature of getting any of their drinks, any time they desire!

4) The Perfect Pour with every pull.

When we set up the Beer Bar we test the draft system and make sure each tap is set to the right pressure to deliver a perfect pour, at each pull. This assures you that each cup has minimal foam and maximum flavor. Of course, if you’re into the “white moustache” look, we can arrange it.

5) No messy clean up during and after the party.

Since all the beverages come from a sealed, pressurized keg, there is no need for anyone to walk around collecting empties and carting them away.

If you think this sounds great and already know the details of your event, fill out the Contact Us form so we can schedule time to go over all of the specifics of your event,

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